Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Why should you visit Neelum Valley? offer you Neelum Valley Tour Packages because Neelum Valley not only grabs political attention but also attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Comprising of hilly areas, Neelum Valley is located at the bank of Neelum river.

The Neelum Valley is one of the most attractive places in the tourist community because there is still a huge part of the valley that is not discovered by local tourists. The Neelum Valley is located in the 200 km arched area of Azad Kashmir and also forms the District Neelum that comprises of hundreds of small villages and towns. Starting from Athmuqam, It offers breathtaking views of the Tarai Mountains the foothills of Himalaya. Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Jammu And Kashmir and serves as the door to neelum valley while coming either from Islamabad or Abbottabad.

Neelum Valley is full of surprises, from its violent fresh water streams to peaceful lakes and waterfalls. Overall there are more than 85 large and small lakes and waterfalls are uncountable. Yet one of the most common places that tourists see while visiting Neelum Valley include:

• Kutton Jagran

• Keran

• Upper Neelum

• Sharda Valley.

• RattiGali Lake

• Baboon Valley

• Kel

• Arrang Kel

Neelum valley still falls behind Hunza Skardu in the number of people that visit each year and that is an advantage for those people who want to avoid huge crowds and enjoy a peaceful family vacation. Till 2019, Neelum Valley was the most favorite place for honeymoon trips among newlywed couples. The activities that Tour operating companies offer in Neelum Valley include:

• Sightseeing

• Boat riding

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages Hiking

• Fishing

• Climbing

• Chair lift

• Shopping in the local markets etc

Also Azad Kashmir is famous for the high quality shawls that locals handcraft with utmost expertise.

So, should you visit Neelum Valley?

Well, we’d say it deserves a chance?